Patient Education

Patient Education Resources
Blood Glucose Log Sheet (for those on insulin) /  Laila Thampy
Blood Glucose Log Sheet (no insulin) /  Laila Thampy
Blood Glucose Log Sheet (2 weeks long) /  Laila Thampy
Fill out these forms for your FIRST appointment! /  Leila Thampy






Endocrine Information for starters

Exams and Tests for Diabetes /  WebLink
Estrogen Replacement Therapy /  WebLink
Overcoming Eating Disorders /  WebLink
AACE's Power of Prevention /  WebLink
Insulin pump therapy /  WebLink

Diabetes Overview
Glossary of Diabetes-Related Terms /  WebLink
Hypoglycemia /  WebLink
Causes of Diabetes /  WebLink
Read this first /  WebLink

Pre-diabetes /  WebLink

Diabetes Type 2
Type 2 Diabetes - Cause /  WebLink
Type 2 Diabetes /  WebLink

Diabetes Management
Diabetes /  WebLink
Medications for Type 2 Diabetes /  WebLink
Home Blood Glucose Monitoring /  WebLink

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Overview /  WebLink
AACE's PCOS awarness campaign /  WebLink
Women with PCOS /  WebLink
PCOS - AACE position statement /  WebLink

Thyroid Gland
Hypothyroidism Review /  WebLink
Hyperthyroidism Overview /  WebLink
Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy /  WebLink
Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy Related to Low IQ /  WebLink
Hypothyroidism and Pregnancy /  WebLink

Thyroid Cancer
Thyroid Cancer /  WebLink

Metabolic Syndrome (Syndrome X)
We are becoming fatter faster /  WebLink
Pre-diabetes /  WebLink


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